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What functions can each role (Reseller, Owner and Host) perform?


Once logged in, your Reseller portal will allow you access to administration and management functions. 

There are four different roles, each with a different level of administrative power:

  1. Administrator
  2. Reseller
  3. Owner
  4. Host




Administrator access is for second line support only.

An administrator has the power to set the Reseller access level, giving them access to:

  1. Every company that has been set up by the Reseller in their particular site
  2. Every contact attached to those companies
  3. Every room attached to the companies
  4. The separate manage company, manage contacts and manage rooms sections
  5. The ability to select a contact and change its role from Host to Owner
    1. In all free trials users default to a Host role status
    2. To elevate them to an Owner, a Reseller level login is required
  6. Owners can manage their company's details, contacts and rooms. This gives the Reseller the ability to give customers room and contact management authority.

Giving Owners this authority allows the customer a degree of autonomy and relieves the Reseller of much of the day-to-day administration.