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How do I view companies that I have created?

To view companies, click Companies in the left-hand menu bar. A list of your client companies, along with the number of contacts and rooms associated with them, will be displayed.

Clicking on the number under the contacts or rooms column will display a filtered list of all the contacts or rooms associated with that Company.

Manage Companies

Companies under your Reseller role will exist here in this summary format:

  • Company name
  • Company 'type'
  • Customer status: 'prospect' or 'customer'
  • The date created
  • Branded signifies a company that has a branded portal
  • See how many contacts are 'live' at that time, with the ability to add a contact
  • See how many rooms are 'live' now, with the ability to add a room

Some functions can also be initiated from the Actions icon:

  • Edit a company
  • Delete a company
  • Manage your contacts
  • Manage your rooms