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How do I edit my rooms?

To edit a room, click Manage Rooms then the Edit room icon under the Actions column. 

The edit room function enables you to see an overview of your room settings at a glance, as well as the amount of Hosts that are linked to the room:

  1. Personal rooms will only have a single Host who can edit the room
  2. Team rooms can have multiple Hosts, however one must be designated as the Owner for editing purposes.

A Host will see the room details in their Dashboard and can send invites; however, as the room is shared, only one Owner can edit a team room for the sake of consistency. Adding a Host is easy:

  1. From the Link Contact field, you will see the contacts that can be added to the room within your company. Simply select the contact and click Link Contact
  2. The contact will now become a new Host and will be able to view that room from their Dashboard.

If too many Hosts are creating scheduling conflicts, you are able to unlink them as a Host for that room, or simply select the most frequent user in order to designate them a personal room.              

You can edit the room and also view the contacts associated with this room from the right-hand menu. You can also link and unlink room Host from this screen.