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Adding customers: Step-by-step guide

Manage Companies

Companies that are listed under your Reseller role will exist in this summary, found within the left-hand menu of your Dashboard. The status of those companies will be immediately visible, detailing:

  1. The company name
  2. Company type
  3. Customer status: 'prospect' or 'customer'
  4. The date that they were created
  5. How many contacts are 'live', with the ability to add a contact
  6. How many rooms are 'live', with the ability to add a room
  7. Functions that can be initiated from the actions icons are:
    • Edit company
    • Delete company
    • Manage contacts
    • Manage rooms


Edit Company

This enables a Reseller to manage the contacts for each company under their control.

Functions exist to add, edit and delete contacts.


Manage Contacts 

Primary functions beyond the regular Edit functions on this screen are:

  1. Reset Password which sends a new password email to the user
  2. An edit company function where you are able to attach the contact to a company 
  3. The ability to edit any room which the contact has Hosts priveliges for
  4. The ability to link (and unlink) a room to a contact, which will then appear in their dashboard.


Manage Rooms

This screen provides a summary of all the rooms under your management:

  1. A search function exits to save scrolling
  2. The room name and product type; either a 'personal room' or 'team room'
  3. The room status; either 'demo', 'trial' or 'paid subscriber'
  4. The date that the room was created, ensuring that you are aware of the trial's expiration date
  5. The number of contacts that are Hosting in the room, so you can see if they are sharing rooms.

Functions exist to add, edit and delete rooms.


Edit Rooms

This screen enables you to view an overview of the room settings.

Here you can see how many Hosts are linked to the rooms (personal rooms will have only one Host who can edit the room; team rooms can have multiple Hosts, with a designated Owner for editing purposes).

Adding a Host is easy:

  1. Go to the Link Contact field to view the contacts that can be added to the room within this company; simply select the contact and click Link Contact
  2. The contact will now be able to view that room in their Dashboard

Note: If too many Hosts are creating scheduling conflicts you are able to unlink a select Host, or you can select the most frequent user and designate them a personal room.