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How do I start a meeting?

Starting a meeting could not be easier.

If you are the meeting Host, invite someone to your room by sending out an invite from your Dashboard after logging in.

To connect to your room, click on the Start meeting button to launch it. We recommend that you test your connectivity settings rather than skip through straight to the meeting room, simply to ensure that you are on the right amount of bandwidth and that your camera and microphone are transmitting correctly.

Alternatively, if you are already logged in and in a meeting, you are able to send out Instant Invites. Click the envelope icon in the meeting screen and enter your Guest's email address to send them a one-click Hotlink straight into the meeting.

The most common connectivity issue is an incorrectly selected bandwidth, which can be easily remedied by testing your settings prior to entering the meeting. As a default, select Low or Medium.


You can start a meeting either logged in or not, from various endpoints, such as:

Using WebRTC Browsers (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Opera)

To Host a meeting user your internet browser:

  1. Log in to your Video Conferencing service site
  2. Send email invites to your Guests using the functions on the right-hand side of the Dashboard
  3. Click the green Start a meeting button on your Dashboard screen 
  4. Test your settings by following the instructions on screen: you can manually change the bandwidth selection to Low or Medium if you are in a new network or using a public WiFi hotspot.

Tip: Ideally choose a unique and brief name for your meeting room. Something that Guests will remember easily, such as 'DrJohnSmith' or 'Marketing14' 


Starting a call via Microsoft Lync (Office 365) / Skype for Business

  1. Enter the in the Find Someone box
  2. Double click the room name displayed in the search results and click Call to join the room
  3. Enter the 4-Digit PIN using the dialpad available on-screen

You may want to add the room name as a contact for ease of access in the future.


 Starting a call using Video Conferencing Units like Polycom or Lifesize

  1. Navigate to the dial page and enter the full room name, for example:
  2. Enter the 4-Digit PIN when prompted on the security screen
  3. Follow your on-screen instructions.