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How to utilise a WebRTC-enabled Browser for meetings

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) facilitates browser-to-browser communication, enabling users to hold video and audio calls over internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

How to enter a meeting as a Guest:

  • To enter a room using Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox, direct your browser to:

    When the page opens, enter the name of the room in this format:

    Then enter a display name for yourself and the 4-Digit PIN which you will have received with your invite 

  • We will then recommend a connection speed for you, but you can always test your settings and change this - when you are using WiFi hotspots in public establishments, we will recommend Low or Medium bandwidth due to the limited bandwidth availability

How to enter a meeting as a Host:

You can Host a meeting either logged in to your Dashboard or not. However, we would strongly recommend to Host meetings in logged in mode to avail the premium features.

Tip: When choosing a name for your meeting room, ideally choose a short and unique name that Guests can easily remember, such as 'DrJohnSmith' or 'Marketing14'. 

  • Go to your company's video conferencing service site and log into your Dashboard
  • Send out invites to your guests using the facilities on the right hand side of the Dashboard screen
  • Click the Start a Meeting button then follow the on-screen prompts

    You can manually change the bandwidth selection to Low or Medium if you are in a new network or using a public WiFi hotspot

How do I use a PIN?

Host PINs

As a Host, all you need to do is enter your 4-Digit PIN as the room is being opened.

Guest PINs

If you're a Guest, enter the 4-Digit PIN that you were given in your invite when prompted.

When your Host is already in the room, a meeting can begin straight away. However we will keep the room closed until your Host arrives.