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Learn how to access a meeting room using a room-based VCU

These guidelines are very broad as there are many different manufacturers and models of VCU out there. Please refer to your individual manufacturer’s operating guidelines for specific information about your unit.

To access your room using a video conferencing device:

  • Simply navigate to the call menu and type in the name of the room you'd like to enter

    The room name format will depend on the unit that you have (see below)

  • Click the appropriate dial button

    You will be prompted to enter your 4-Digit Guest or Host PIN using the keypad

There's no need to press the # key afterwards as you will enter the meeting room straight away.

You may want to think about adding your room name to the address book for quick access. Your equipment manual will show you how to do this.

Lifesize, Cisco/Tandberg, Sony

Enter the room name in this format:


Enter the Room Name, in this format:

Numeric-only dial pads

If your video unit only supports dialing with numeric characters, you can dial your room using one of these formats, for example:

613692@ or

How do I use a PIN?

Host PINs

As a Host, all you need to do is enter your 4-Digit PIN as the room is being opened.

Guest PINs

If you're a Guest, enter the 4-Digit PIN that you were given in your invite when prompted.

When your Host is already in the room, a meeting can begin straight away. However we will keep the room closed until your Host arrives.