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Learn how to access a meeting room using the Windows or OSX Desktop Client

If you decide not to connect to a meetings room via Web Browser - the most popular access method - then you can alternatively connect via a dedicated Desktop Client; available for both Windows and Apple desktops.

  1. Open your chosen Web Browser and go to your company web page

    Navigate to the Downloads page (normally in the top toolbar)

    Download the relevant Windows or Apple OSX Desktop app from the Desktop Client section

  2. Launch the Desktop Client

    Enter your chosen display name in the Your name field

    Enter the Room Name in the Conference Alias/URL field, in this format:

  3. Confirm your Camera and Microphone settings.

    Select your Role (either Host or Guest)

    Enter the 4-Digit Guest or Host PIN and click Join

You will land on an active meeting room screen with the self-view turned on.

Hosts and Guests have different meeting room controls, however both can perform functions such as freezing their video transmission, muting their microphone, sharing presentations and exiting the room using the call control buttons available across the bottom of the call screen.